GatePass is a multi-segment digital platform that uses data to power estate management and resident experience. We connect estate managers and their residents on the issues that matter, enabling estate managers and residents to collaborate, harmonise goals, build trust and grow together as a community.

Improve Efficiency

Our team is dedicated to helping your community use data to increase efficiency levels. Our software helps you track, monitor and respond faster to community-relate issues across any number of communities, reducing your operating costs and enabling you to make more accurate forecasts.

Personalise Your Residential Experience

Our software enables you to provide your residents with individualized profiles and dashboards. This way, you can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your residents, make your community more convenient for residents to live in.

Resolve Disputes and Increase Collaboration

Finding it difficult to build trust, minimise complaints and collect payments from residents? Our software ensures you and your residents can track bill payments and manage insights on community-related issues in real-time. It also enables you to communicate with your residents directly and securely. Through GatePass, you can improve transparency, set and communicate realistic community performance targets and optimize the community experience in order to meet those targets.

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